Marco Bazzi “Baz” was born in Milan, Italy. His musical journey began when he started taking piano lessons at the age of eight, before switching to the drums under the expert guidance of Marco Scarano. After studying drumming with Scarano, he began studying with Francesco Corvino, currently one of the most sought-after drummers both in Italy and abroad.

Over the years, Bazzi’s professional drumming gradually intensified, with numerous sessions both live and in recording studios. He was also increasingly playing with bands and singer-songwriters, taking part in Italian and European tours (Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, Slovenia…) and television programs (on Rai3 with Gianna Nannini, TRL on MTV, CD Lile on Rai2, Video Italia). In 2005, he began teaching in different music schools in the Milan area. Marco also began working with Swiss film company Dust & Scratches, recording soundtracks for short films, as well as taking part in theatrical events. In March 2007, he participated in a performance for the Venice Biennale.

During this timeframe, Bazzi performed in over 100 live concerts, with a number of different sponsorships and partnerships (Ufip, Notak, Audioprogetti/Yamaha, Bitter Dollz, Urban Warrior). He was interviewed by the popular, which nominated him rock drummer of the month in April 2007.

Bazzi participated in numerous recording sessions with different bands and live appearances with various artists, including a show at Livorno stadium and an Italian tour supporting TM Steavens. Bazzi subsequently studied reggae and he joined Senegalese reggae singer Sun Sooley’s project, in addiction to the trio, Pulp Project (a popular funk/blues band who produce an original audiovisual show based on the work of Quentin Tarantino).

In 2009, Bazzi began working in primary schools with Paola Bertassi’s “progetto 28″ project, and in secondary schools with rhythm workshops.

In the same year, Bazzi left Italy and started to play with international artists and bands. In 2010, he toured with Eric McFadden (TEN, pfunK, The Animals) and in 2011, he began to tour with EMT (Eric McFadden Trio). Bazzi also started to play with Dirty Santos (Danny Lippit, Marc Curcio and Pedro Misle Mogollon) as well as Nashville artist, Tori Sparks.

Touring with Eric McFadden, Bazzi had the pleasure to shared the stage with many musicians such as Nick Oliveri ( Queens of the stone age ), James Whiton (Tom Waits), Blackbird McNight (pFunk), Mike Watt ( The Stooges ), Doug Wimbish ( Living Colour ), Michael Hampton ( Funkadelic ), Blag Dahlia ( The Dwarves ), Paula O’Rourke (Eric Burdon), Omar Torrez (Tom Waits), Norwood Fisher (Fishbone) and many others.

In March 2013, Bazzi released a music book ( Il senso della band ) for one of the most important publishing houses in Italy (Edizioni Curci). The book reveals what it means to be a musician & what it means to play in a band. Bazzi also created and produced a DVD that was released with the book. 14 musicians from all over the world played on the DVD.

In March 2015, Baz is going to release his second music book ( Il Tour ) for the same publishing house. Baz is also producing a documentary movie based on his book. The movie “THE TOUR” will be released in 2015 and features musicians from Lacuna Coil, 65 Days of Static, Pino Scotto, Alborosie and many others.